$1,150.00 $1,400.00


The GPD Pocket 2 is a stylish mini laptop that fits right in your pocket! Making it the the perfect tool for business and travel.



The Pocket 2 is fitted with a 7 inch Retina touchscreen display, running at a resolution of 1920 x 1200. Everything (small as it is!) is crisp and vibrant – making the Pocket 2 great for watching a bit of Netflix or YouTube.






The GPD Pocket 2 is equipped with:

✓ MacBook-level processor

✓ Active cooling design

✓ Runs on Windows 10

✓ Outperforms Microsoft’s new Surface Pro



This is what GPD Pocket 2 offers for you:

  • UNIBODY Machined Magnalium Design: streamlined and fashionable
  • Fits in Your Pocket Easily: bring it with you anywhere
  • Lightweight, <500g: more compact than the GPD Pocket 1
  • 7-inch Screen: just the right size for maximum productivity
  • Traditional Keyboard Design: minimum user adoption
  • Micro SDXC Card Slot and More USB A Ports: Expand storage space without a separate USB HUB
  • Active Cooling: rather than a passive cooling thin design that sacrifices performance
  • Superior Performance than Microsoft (m3) Surface Pro
  • Low Noise Operating Mode: caters to different user preferences
  • Compatible with All Chargers and Mobile Power Banks