Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Pad


SKU: 2182148-black

  • ERGONOMIC MOUSE PAD, SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - User-friendly design, which will ensure a proper hand position while using the mouse, thus creating maximum comfort.
  • BLACK, NEAT STYLE AND FIRM GRIP - Special woven fabric improves mouse control, speed and accuracy and the Non-slip backing holds pad firmly in place to ensure the wrist pad does not slide when used on smooth desktop
  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM CUSHION PREVENTS CARPEL TUNNEL - Conforms to your wrist for exceptional comfort and support yet never loses its shape! It is Durable and is Ideal for Longer Hours of Use
  • PREVENT INJURIES AND HELPS AVOID WRIST PROBLEMS - Helps treat and prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Reduces wrist pain, soreness, aches for extended computer sessions
  • SPECIAL DESIGNED FOR GAMERS AND LONG OFFICE DAYS - Playing games or working for hours at your PC, computer or laptop device, is no longer a problem. Ideal for long-term use daily, compatible with optical, trackball, laser, and rollerball mice