T11 Designer Keyboard


SKU: 17556299-black-gray

Product Description:

The Delux T11 Designer is a customizable keyboard that makes designing a breeze. It's the perfect tool to assist any designer.



  • Born For designers (Graphic Designers, ID Designers, Photographers, Cartoonists)

  • 28 Functional keys programmable with driver (FN, NumLock, M1, M2 and M3 are not included)

  • A multi-functional Dial, which is compatible with 9 major designing software, making designing easy

  • Three groups of(M1/M2/M3)shortcut keys by driver, Each group has 9 (G1-G9) shortcut keys for mainstream design software

  • Compatible with Wacom,making it extermely convenient when drawing

  • Mechanical key switches and crafted out of aluminium with a premium finish

  • 3 Backlight modes: Full-lighted (Fn+M1), Breathing light (Fn+M2), Single light (Fn+M3)



Type: Designer Keypad

Keycap: Ultra-thin Chocolate keycap

Buttons: 28 functional keys and one smart dial

Life span: Key switch:≥70 million cycles/Dial:≥ 100 thousand cycles

material: ABS/ Aluminum alloy / HIPS

Size: 168.99mm(L)*151.7(W)*32.36mm(H)


Working voltage: DC 5V

Working current: ≤300mA

Cable: 1400mm*3.5mm  TYPE-C&USB


Multi-functional Smart Dial







Three groups of(M1/M2/M3 customizable shortcut keys




Compatible with Wacom.





Compatible For Windows 7 / 8 / 10  MAC OS X



Mechanical aixs and  Ultra-thin chocolate keycap




 Two colors Avaliable


Three backlight modes